About Us

 The Founders, The Inventors: Legends IPTV

Legends IPTV is comprised of a group of founders and inventors who are killing it in the entrepreneurship world. Why? They all had the vision to change the way the world watches TV.

Every month there are so many people that pay an expensive and degrading monthly cable bill without having the time to watch any of the movies and shows they truly love. Now, with the inception of our company, our founders have the trusted products that change how you view the network television world for one, small, affordable, low price. When you purchase our LTV Series Boxes you won’t have to pay a monthly subscription; all you need is high-speed internet to get all of the live TV channels you love, including on-demand, the latest box-office movies and live TV.

At Legends IPTV, our goal is to provide great customer service, great USB video streaming product and the ability for you to save some money from the companies out there trying to take it away through faulty cable contracts and prices.

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